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best under seat subwoofer

8 Best Under Seat Subwoofers in 2022

Sound systems in vehicles have gotten better over the years but there is always room for improvement. Under seat subwoofers can enhance your vehicle’s sound system, add more bass to your listening experience, and more. Still, the best feature of an under seat subwoofer is its compact design. The average under seat subwoofer can fit … Read more

Best Windshield Washer Fluid For All Conditions

Windshield washer fluid is a liquid with a lower freezing point than water that’s designed to keep your windshield clean. The fluid sprays out from nozzles underneath your windshield and it’s stored in a reservoir under the hood. Windshield washer fluid cleans common stains and obstructions to your vision like ice, frost, bug guts, grime, … Read more

Best radar detectors under 100

Best Radar Detectors Under $100

Looking for the best radar detectors under $100? You’re in the right place. How many times have you been on your daily commute and encountered an officer pointing a radar at your vehicle? All of a sudden, you have to pay a $150 speeding ticket just because you wanted to get home a few minutes … Read more